1. 28 Jul, 2020 3 commits
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  3. 15 Jun, 2020 3 commits
  4. 18 May, 2020 1 commit
  5. 06 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  6. 27 Mar, 2020 3 commits
    • Reino Ruusu's avatar
      Unify names and categories of all district-related views · 1ccfd312
      Reino Ruusu authored
      gitlab #87
      Change-Id: I077065132eace9d390955ef1016e86b7a063a959
    • Reino Ruusu's avatar
      New element selector configuration dialog · bac6c241
      Reino Ruusu authored
      Includes element type selection and property selection from drop-down
      menus. Also includes some refactoring of the underlying selector code.
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: If5e42a7962d6d17b97a9fb6a3d207ed860858b8c
      Remove block of commented-out code
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: Ia75eeb9e9a2a4dc5a339244837cd6e6f01f97891
      Layout adjustments in element selector dialog.
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: I28de9ca5e1bc22eef607126ec75dcd3a93263188
      More rigorous content validation for element selection dialog
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: Iadb875ea9db3db8350095e21c39ecfad6cc6af36
      Remove misplaced pop-up menu command
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: I4412390556daacc4172c34018fa9d0fea65bf586
      Rename element selection view in UI to "District Finder"
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: I668eb468c169ccd8dfd8575daff9c1f1a0f01f2d
      Manage drop-down menu contents by context in district finder dialog
      gitlab #84
      Also fix failure in creation of new queries.
      Change-Id: I122ec005119a7efd8878b24815dc09a226e8b6d9
      Fix use of static ontology variables out of context
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: I94d17685f44e4bbfdaccaf9b3bfabefacb4e1c8e
      Fix validation of selection by property when not used
      gitlab #84
      Change-Id: I6fd1b5d297ac2a07536edcd51a5f1b1099e3d06d
    • Reino Ruusu's avatar
      Generated code changes in DisctrictNetworkResource · 1d412feb
      Reino Ruusu authored
      Due to changes in f182477c.
      gitlab #80
      Change-Id: I64ed99bfe569957b0adf0461b343a05e4527f2f9
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  19. 29 Nov, 2019 3 commits
    • Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar
      Interim fix for orientation/location of static info on network branches · 2333f640
      Tuukka Lehtonen authored
      Previously the profile style implementation would reset the edge info
      direction to match the simplified edge data whenever the style result
      was recalculated from the database.
      Now the style just tells the static info node the
      DistrictNetworkEdgeNode it is supposed to visualize and the info node
      will calculate the info pos/orientation based on that during render.
      This is an interim fix because the style implementation will be removed
      once this visualization is moved into the district visualization toolbox
      from the diagram profile implementation. At that point the visualization
      also needs to be optimized to only show the information for the edges
      inside the current viewbox.
      gitlab #47
      Change-Id: I8b8ea78378df5749cf59405d7f9fae8d9848698e
      (cherry picked from commit 7f3b0d52)
    • Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar
      Fixed vertex hover after previous commit · 7e17143c
      Tuukka Lehtonen authored
      Amendment to 86d471d9
      gitlab #44
      Change-Id: Id8412c69303721b619262fe7977f2805ae22dfbb
      (cherry picked from commit 6218654d)
    • Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar
      Usability fixes for district network node hover info showing · f888cdd5
      Tuukka Lehtonen authored
      Previously there was really no logic with what is shown if the cursor
      was on top of multiple elements at the same time.
      Now the hovering logic always prefers the closest vertex that is picked
      from near the mouse cursor and only if there are no nearby vertices,
      will edges be selected. Picking also takes the current view zoom into
      account properly which it didn't do before.
      Also includes some code cleanup.
      gitlab #44
      Change-Id: I8696ff12853f0de2040db91909a1c4512fe4b2fe
      (cherry picked from commit 86d471d9)
  20. 24 Nov, 2019 2 commits
  21. 22 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  22. 20 Nov, 2019 4 commits
    • Reino Ruusu's avatar
      Use detailed geometry in drawing info labels, symbols and picking. · 7ebf5a4d
      Reino Ruusu authored
      gitlab #70
      gitlab #47
      Change-Id: Ie8189751f130c47fbd1c9686eb46252efc038412
    • Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar
      Fixed two selection/picking related bugs · 290f6217
      Tuukka Lehtonen authored
      1. RTreeNode bounds calculation now always uses the detailed geometry of
         district edge nodes to calculate their bounds. This fixes picking to
         work in cases where the detailed geometry falls much outside of the
         spanning rectangle of the edge's end vertices.
      2. Introduced DistrictSelectionNode that tells G2DParentNode to ignore
         its bounds instead of nullifying them entirely. This caused the edge
         nodes to fall outside the R-tree as "boundless nodes" which caused
         the most optimized R-tree based picking to fail entirely for nodes
         that are selected when RTreeNode.decompose is executed.
      gitlab #68
      gitlab #69
      Change-Id: I119f33a04923b9b4bf06a8229cfccedc520588cb
    • Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar
      Fixed DynamicVisualisationContributionsParticipant to cancel hover task · 35bbcd22
      Tuukka Lehtonen authored
      Previously a possible hover info update task was never cancelled
      properly if the participant was removed from the context due to e.g.
      disposal of the diagram editor.
      gitlab #67
      Change-Id: I0d98673190ddbf836d40713f9c0b9c8608076552
      (cherry picked from commit f97150ac)
    • Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar
      Fixed NPE, labels == null · c12e4bf0
      Tuukka Lehtonen authored
      gitlab #44
      Change-Id: Ia85281ec70b75b1a5808a80cb0f5a7c00b4317b3
      (cherry picked from commit 25f87bcf)