Commit ce92edf8 authored by Tuukka Lehtonen's avatar Tuukka Lehtonen
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Allow box selection with ctrl when nothing selectable is under cursor

Previously CTRL + mouse drag begin was not supported because it was
bound to starting native DnD operations from diagram elements and the
was too mixed up with box select mode initiation.

gitlab #701
parent 17a37362
......@@ -740,7 +740,7 @@ public class PointerInteractor extends AbstractDiagramParticipant {
if (hasToolMode(me.mouseId)) return false;
boolean nonSelectionModifierPressed = me.hasAnyModifier(MouseEvent.ALL_MODIFIERS_MASK
^ (MouseEvent.SHIFT_MASK /*| MouseEvent.CTRL_MASK*/));
^ (MouseEvent.SHIFT_MASK | MouseEvent.CTRL_MASK));
if (nonSelectionModifierPressed)
return false;
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